Bonding over our Mutual Hatred of Smoke!

Bonding over our Mutual Hatred of Smoke!

We all have many reasons to dislike this smoke that has taken over our beautiful town.  The fires are putting our beloved woods and our loved ones in danger.  While it feels selfish, one of my biggest complaints is the effect this smoke has on my everyday life.  I am a busy person and I like to keep my weekends filled with running, biking, exploring new trails, and wishing I had more time (you’ll notice I didn’t put house projects in here).  When the air quality is this bad it really screws up my plans for the great outdoors.  This last weekend I actually felt depressed, I ate too much and I didn’t know what to do with my downtime, so I caught up on Netflix (my winter indulgence).


I did try to make this weekend a bit more positive and I actually walked around Tubbs Hill instead of running it on Sunday, after I mowed the lawn of course!  But like everyone else I am still dying to exercise…. the Weather channel is advising:  EVERYONE SHOULD AVOID HEAVY WORK OR EXERCISE OUTDOORS. At first I did not take this advice, and after we went for a run at English Point on Saturday, I had to stop after my first loop.  Kelly and I both experienced burning throat and lungs and our eyes felt gritty and awful.  We had hoped that the clear skies over Hayden meant better air quality, but no such luck. 

Sunday the air quality was even worse, and that’s when we decided to hike Tubbs Hill. It was fine, but I REALLY want to run or bike, anything to work up a good sweat.  This hike actually wound up being fun as we had time to chat and I wrote notes to myself all during the hike.  I also thought this would be a good chance to talk about preventative/corrective exercises that all runners like to neglect.

This is what I would recommend to do when the weather is too bad for outdoor sweetness.

·         Head to the gym, maybe cross train on weight or take a spin class or yoga class

·         Jeremy Dye made this little video of the top 5 exercises that all runners need to do.


·         Do nothing! I’m serious!  Read a book, take a walk with your significant other, see a movie or get caught up on house work, well don’t go overboard with that last one!  Honestly though, don’t beat yourself up for taking it easy.


As much as I hate it downtime is a good thing and everyone needs a little downtime every now and then.   

Just one more thing, if your free on Friday 8/28/15 stop by The Local Deli for their fundraiser to help out local fire fighting efforts.

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