Cycle Torch Shark 500 review

Cycle Torch: Shark 500 review

I have been racing mountain bikes for a number of years, and I recently completed my first snow bike race the Fat Pursuit 60K  in Island Park, Idaho on 12/8/2016.  The temperature was a brutal -20° Fahrenheit at the start, with a warming trend during the day all the way up to a high of -5° throughout the day.  With the winter daylight only lasting 7 to 8 hours I needed a spare light just in case, plus the race required us to have a light on at all times for safety.  I didn’t want to break the bank so I opted for the Shark 500 from Cycle Torch, at $39.98 this light wound up being a steal. Not only did it come with multiple mounting options and a tail light, I was able to put switch the settings for longer battery life.  This light has most of the features that other higher priced light do including four different working modes:

         - High - 500 Lumens - 1.5 Hours

         - Medium - 250 Lumens - 3 Hours

         - Low - 50 Lumens - 15 Hours

         - Flash - 30+ hours


Usually, I would not recommend a 500-lumens light for off road use but in the snow on low this light worked just fine.  Typically the negative temperatures would have wreaked havoc on the battery life of a light.  At one point as the sun was going down I considered using my backup light (the Shark had been strobing for almost 12 hours), but I decided to stick with the Shark and charge it with my portable battery pack while I was riding.  Charging was very easy to do with the USB cord, and the light lasted another three hours.  At this price point I definitely plan on purchasing a few more Sharks just to have extra lights.  I also heard a rumor that Cycletorch is working on an 1000 Lumen light, this would be great for my next 100 mile Fat Bike adventure.



·         Price

·         Size

·         Good construction

·         Able to charge light and use it with an external batterie pack



·         Not quite bright enough for MTB racing (without snow to reflect)

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